Olympia China Limited.

About us

Olympia China Ltd. was formed in Hong Kong in 1997 and took over the operation of a century-old German company, Olympia.

With a progressive and forward-looking approach, the company moved in a versatile and diversified way. Distribution business was further developed to cover a number of international renown brands. A more comprehensive sales network emerged in line with such moves. The product portfolio has since then expanded substantially and by now covers varieties of both office machines and consumers’ products. The product categories include modern office equipment, digital gadgets, lifestyle products and home power etc.

Ever since the company was in operation, it has been heading forward aggressively. Accomplishments have been made over time. Therefore the further enhancement of the brand distribution business will be our main corporate missions. The company will continue to search and introduce more international brands with good potential products for the benefits of business users and consumers.


A health technology company improving people's health and well-being through meaningful innovation.


A symbol of high technology for decades, the brand is renowned for its telecommunication technology and made the first mobile phone in the market. Today, it changes our life not only by the telecommunication method but also the lifestyle.

Amytel Frace

The pioneer of the Dect Phone developers in this century and provides a seamless and secure communication method to the phone user.


A German Brand since 1903, it means quality. As people saying: Compromise on the quality could not be accepted. That is why you can still find some decades old mechanical typewriters somewhere all over the world.


We provide a wide range of office machines to the end user, from a very simple typing machine to the biotech access control system, we make the office work better and easier.


The perpetual of time, the precision of record. Our time stamp records the truth over the century.